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 I am horribly late for my first assignment from Professor Z.! I feel horrible. Not to make excuses, but the past week has been INSANE! ANYWAY, SPRING! It's been really cold here in the midwest, and hard to even THINK about spring when it's still snowing and freezing outside, so I will tell everyone about my favorite spring time activity. GARDENING! I can hear you now, all of you lovers of seedlings and dirt rejoicing. Oh, the beautiful flowers! The delicious vegetables! Alas, that is not the kind of Garedening I refer to. Nope. MY brand of Gardening involves sitting at a 24-hour diner with my closest friends with cup, after cup of coffee, talking about everything and anything. "What does this have to do with Gardening?" you ask. Well, I'm glad you did. Spring Garden is the name of the place, and they have a DAMN fine cup of coffee. And HOT!


 That's the 24 hour sign in the window. I TRIED to take a pic of the Spring Garden sign, but it was night time, and it turned into a big blur. Did I mention their amazing Cookies and Cream pie? And their other pies?No? Don't belive me? LOOK!

That bit of booth you see to the left is OUR booth. Most nights, you can find us there on various laptops and cell phones, just doing our own things while being with each other.
 I love my Garden crew.
'Til next time. . .


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