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Guys! So I am working on a new blog. Hence why this one is so empty. I'll get back to personal blogging eventually, but until then, please check out my horror movie review blog.

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So! Sophistique Noir's subject post for the moth is VINTAGE!!!

I am so excited, as I love vintage EVERYTHING!

My favorite vintage item has to be my 1915 era Oija board, which I picked up at a local antique mall for $15 about 12 years ago. Was I excited? YES! I was super excited! It is the centerpiece of my Talking Board collection.

I also have a VAST collection of vintage books. My favorite is this Vistorian era collection of books on how to morally raise your children. Also picked up at the antique mall, about ten years ago. I can't remember how much they cost, but with my budget, they must have been cheap!

I also have an EXTENSIVE library of beauty and etiquette books from pre-1970.

I hope you have enjoyed this tiny peek into my collection. If anyone shows any interest, there will be more to come!


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 I am horribly late for my first assignment from Professor Z.! I feel horrible. Not to make excuses, but the past week has been INSANE! ANYWAY, SPRING! It's been really cold here in the midwest, and hard to even THINK about spring when it's still snowing and freezing outside, so I will tell everyone about my favorite spring time activity. GARDENING! I can hear you now, all of you lovers of seedlings and dirt rejoicing. Oh, the beautiful flowers! The delicious vegetables! Alas, that is not the kind of Garedening I refer to. Nope. MY brand of Gardening involves sitting at a 24-hour diner with my closest friends with cup, after cup of coffee, talking about everything and anything. "What does this have to do with Gardening?" you ask. Well, I'm glad you did. Spring Garden is the name of the place, and they have a DAMN fine cup of coffee. And HOT!


 That's the 24 hour sign in the window. I TRIED to take a pic of the Spring Garden sign, but it was night time, and it turned into a big blur. Did I mention their amazing Cookies and Cream pie? And their other pies?No? Don't belive me? LOOK!

That bit of booth you see to the left is OUR booth. Most nights, you can find us there on various laptops and cell phones, just doing our own things while being with each other.
 I love my Garden crew.
'Til next time. . .


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These babies! My precious, precious Docs. I have had them since freshman year of high school, making them roughly 21 years old. Sure, they're a little scuffed up, but they have seen me through every job I have ever had, from McDonalds, to owning my own coffee house, and everything in between and since. I've never had a "dressy" type job. A perk of being your own boss is you can dress however you like! And, that being said, I like to dress for comfort. And there is nothing more comfortable than a pair of worn in to perfection Doc Martins. You can get the exact same pair today,, for $120 dollars, but even though mine did not cost quite that much back in the summer of '92, they are still an EXCELLENT investment. You can even go fancy with them! I love these pewter ones, for example. Anyway, those are my boots. I love them so, so, so much, and if anything ever happens to them? Awesome! They have a lifetime guarantee.

Groggy Video Response to Kelsey :)




Okay, guys, so THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! This video I found on youtube (after sifting through video after video titled things like, "A Day In The Life of a Schizophrenic. SCARY!!!") is a really good place to start if you want to know anything about my brain part. There are way too many rumors and myths floating around about schizophrenia, and this guy just clears them RIGHT THE FUCK UP!!! It's only, like, two minutes. So please give it a watch, and ignore the fact that he kinda seems like a Tim Meadows character from an old episode of Saturday Night Live. I think it's the way he says, "schizophrenia", but it kinda makes me wanna crack up.

So, there. I am one of those productive, medicated, pretty-much sane schizos out there, and there are a few people who I wish I could force to sit down and watch this, and say, 'SEE? SEE? I TOLD you I don't need to be locked up!!"

So, I'm curious. What kinds of misconceptions have you heard about mental illness? Not necessarily schizophrenia, but any kind whatsoever? Do you guys ever have to battle stereotypes?

My Babies!!!

Now, I must brag. PICTURES OF THE KIDS!!!
From top to bottom, we have Pandora, Bastet, and Baron Samedi. 
Now that you have been introduced, we can move on. ;)
P-Dizzle (the baby)

Duke Barington Von Fluffinstein

The whole crew

Confessions of a Schizophrenic Goth

So, here I am in blogland.
My friends keep telling me I need one of these, but I've never tried before.
I don't even know where to start.
HI! My name's Jes, and I'm a schizophrenic.
I am also highly medicated, and thus able to live a somewhat normal life.
I also love cats.
Nice to meet you, guys!